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A small selection of our web projects ranging from normal business style sites, WordPress to E-commerce. Click on each thumb to open their description page and from there click on the name to visit the clients site. Many more examples are available for showing upon request.

  • salang-thumb

    Salang Foundation

    Salang Foundation helps underprivileged youth, specifically those who are in Asia through financial and other support. To visit Salang Foundation, click here...
  • aci-thumb

    Actuarial Careers Inc.

    Actuarial Careers Inc. is considered to be the largest and best actuarial recruitment firm in the United States. To visit Actuarial Careers Inc., click here...
  • felser-thumb

    Richard Felser Company

    Richard Felser Company is a Pittsburgh based home upgrade shop that focuses on window upgrades, siding, patio doors and more. To visit Richard Felser Company click here...
  • kingsroad

    Kingsroad Advisory

    Kings Road Advisory is a Chicago based advisory firm that focuses on mergers and acquisitions, legal advice and other services. To visit Kings Road Advisory click here. Kings Road Advisory offers..
  • mottl-builders

    Mottl Builders & Cabinetry

    Mottl Builders & Cabinetry offers custom built kitchen cabinets, vanities, and other items for Boston region.  They are located north of Boston in Reading Mass and service the general north..
  • Centresky Architecture

    CentreSky Architecture

    Centre Sky has been one of my earliest clients who I started to work with in 2000. Located in Colorado,  they offer high end design services mostly in the midwestern region..
  • Pearlman Law Construction and Building Legal Services

    Pearlman Law

    Jeffrey Pearlman runs a business and construction litigation company located in Los Angeles. Visit Pearlman Law by Clicking Here    ..
  • Trulock Chokes

    Trulock Chokes Commerce

    Trulock is a manufacturer of shotgun chokes; an item strictly used for better hunting accuracy.  Their web site offers a real-time search engine that auto loads search results on the..
  • Ohana Wicker Furniture

    Ohana Furniture

    Ohana Depot is a large manufacturer of outdoor wicker furniture. Catalog web site built with responsive design.  Site links to the main e-commerce site. You may visit Ohana Depot by..
  • Excel Eyecare Illinois

    Excel Eyecare

    Excel Eyecare is a full service optometry group with their offices located in Buffalo Grove Illinois. Site offers online appointments and more. Visit Excel Eyecare by Clicking Here  ..
  • Stewart Karlin Labor Attorney NYC

    Stewart Karlin Law

    Stewart Lee Karlin is a Labor and Employment Office in New York City.   Site was completely redone, search engine optimized and has been performing exceptionally well. You may visit..
  • Matt Fitzgerald

    Matt Fitzgerald

    Acclaimed author & triathlete trainer, Matt Fitzgerald site offers his coaching services as well as a catalog of all the books Matt has written.  Matt is also a well known nutritionist..
  • Alpak Stock Displays

    Alpak Stock Displays

    North American leader in stock displays, Alpak offers its entire catalog on their site.  They also offer custom display tool builder that allows customers to create a prototype of their..
  • phl-small

    Pacific Health Labs

    PacificHealth Labs is an ecommerce web site that offers its array of sports nutrition products and other useful athlete training resources.  The web site also offers PDF documents, videos and..
  • NYMC-Neurosurgery

    New York Medical College Neuro

    New York Medical College Department of Neurosurgery web site is solely focused on providing information to its upcoming residents, fellows and physicians.  In addition to this information, The Department of..
  • jade-small

    Jade Fashion

    Jade Fashion is a large-scale online store offering a wide variety of aloha wear, Hawaiian wedding dresses and wedding clothes, Hawaiian gifts and much more.  Their globally known high-end products..
  • mb-small

    Modern Bathware

    Modern Bathware is an online commerce site that offers high end -and- very affordable vanities and other bathroom products (tubs, toilets, cabinetry).  Online store offers a variety of features such..
  • charisma-small

    Charisma Jewelers

    Located in Rochester New York, Charisma Jewelers offers a full-scale online high end jewelry catalog.  The site is responsive (multi device ready) and offers cross marketing components to promote items..
  • daybreak-small

    Day Break Staffing

    Day Break Staffing, a corporate and legal staffing firm located in New York City and servicing all five boroughs.  They offer NYC corporate staffing solutions and legal temps solutions.  Day Break Staffing..
  • bear-small

    Bear Necessities Online

    Bear Necessities Online is an e-commerce site that offers Cornell University memorabilia, Cornell clothing, supplies and many other items to the Ithaca, Cornell and Cornell alumni community.  The site has..
  • 4a-small


    Atkins and Associates Web Site. Atkins and Associates Web Site. Atkins and Associates Web Site. Atkins and Associates Web Site. Atkins and Associates Web Site. Atkins and Associates Web Site. Atkins and Associates Web Site...