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  • Sad Truth Behind Hiring a Web Developer

    14 Apr 2016

    It happened again… I got a call from a potential customer telling me their sad story of having a semi finished web project and then their web developer leaving them without a single word.  In other words, “help!”. The web development industries lack of professional accreditation is leaving far too many customers stuck with mediocre webmasters […]

  • 2015 Business Goals

    23 Dec 2014

    If you’re reading this, boy have you got free time on your hands!  My 2015 Business Goals are to Master HTML5, Responsive CSS, and deeper search engine optimization methods.  Dedicate an hour per work day and before you know it, 250+ hours of learning have gone by.

  • Helping the NFPs

    7 Dec 2014

    Two non-profit organizations I enjoy helping out are Habitat for Humanity and Arbor Day Foundation.  I encourage everyone to dedicate a few hours of your time each month and do something positive for your community. Habitat for Humanity has been a great way to get away from my computer, “swing the hammer” and clear my mind, […]