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Charisma Jewelers

Charisma Jewelers is perhaps the finest jewelry store in Rochester New York.  The site utilizes a massive commerce database displaying thousands of items available to the local customers in the Rochester region. Click here to visit Charisma Jewelers web site.

Steven Baczek

Steven Baczek Architect is a portfolio and services web site for one of the biggest green architects in the U.S.  The project is cross platform compatible and offers a large portfolio of some of his recent projects.  Site is optimized to reach out U.S. audience through search engines. Click here to visit Steven Baczek Architect […]

Hirokos Kitchen

Worldly known Japanese chef Hiroko Shimbo is now a restaurant chef consultant, culinary  and food travel specialist who wanted to offer her culinary and travel experience and books online.  Her site offers a large blog, cooking and travel advice and much more. Click here to visit Hirokos Kitchen web site.


RightPlantz.com is a new and thriving gardener and landscape community.  This project allows people to sign up for a free membership which gives them access to gardening forums, a large plant and flower learning library, ask professionals for landscape and plant advice and much more. Click here to visit RightPlantz.com.

Podiatrist Wachtel

Foot Doctor Wachtel requested a site that is robust in patient information and very user friendly for all age groups.  This is a podiatry office site in Andover Mass that serves the northeast Massachusetts region offering podiatry, foot evaluation and treatments, laser therapy and more. Click here to visit Podiatrist Wachtel web site.

Auspod Design

Auspod Design company is run by a famous Australian hospitality designer.  She needed a new professional web site that displays her project portfolio, is mobile friendly and is strong in search engines.  Done and done!  A new mobile friendly web site was designed and developed for them. Click here to visit Auspod Design Company web […]