Digital808 offers everything you need to make a solid online presence.  Our services include:

Web Design, E-Commerce, WordPress Design, WordPress Application Development, S.E.O., AdWords and Analytics Marketing, Squarespace Site Support, Shopify Site Support, Web Hosting, Logo Design and much more.

Web Design, SEO and WP Services

Web Design and Development

We design, develop and help your company’s site(s) go online. We create unique and powerful visual messages that capture your visitors the moment they arrive at your site. We develop sites that are a “hub” of all things about your business with a unique look and feel that gives you a solid visual brand. Our websites are compliant with the key search engine requirements so that you are included and visible in their database. Our sites are also designed to be computer, tablet and smartphone friendly.

E-Commerce Website Development

Whether you have 10 products or 10,000 products to sell, we can help with your ecommerce setup. We will give you a set of secure selling tools that will allow you to sell online, easily manage your inventories, retail locations, shipping logistics and more. We offer highly scalable and fully customizable ecommerce shopping tools that are fully mobile friendly.  General features of this service include:

  • Merchant Account and Gateway Setup
  • SSL Setup (Securing your online transactions)
  • Real time credit card transactions
  • Paypal integration
  • Paypal Integration
  • Product Inventory web tools
  • Secondary automation with shipping and distribution facilities (when need be)

Web Site Content & Keyphrase Research

For those who are very busy or simply need help writing their site content, we can help. You know what you are good at and why people want to work with you, but sometimes writing it all down becomes quite tricky. This is where we come in. Once we get to know you, we will collect the necessary bits and pieces of information about your business and then write up the content for your web site. This step generally involves researching your potential competition, figuring out how they position themselves as well as how you should be positioned, creating pools of keywords to write content around, and getting it all done. General features of this service include:

Site Content Planning, keywords research & pooling

Keyword strategies, content write up & link reciprocity

Squarespace Design and Help

If you need a site developed in the Squarespace ecosystem or already have a Squarespace site and need help, I can help.  Click here to learn more.

Merchant Accounts and Gateways

A Merchant Account allows you to accept credit cards and have that money deposited to your bank account the moment a cart checkout is completed. A Gateway is the actual component that plugs your commerce site into a customer’s credit card, takes the appropriate funds and automatically dumps it into your account.  We have long term relationships established with and Paypal to help you gain these processing tools.

WordPress Design

A majority of web sites with content management tools are now built on the popular WordPress platform.  Majority of the web sites we design and develop these days are in WordPress.  There is a lot involved in doing it right and we understand how to develop it by encompassing key aspects of security, scalability, and more.  We also custom brew any necessary plugins to make sure your site performs exactly how you want it to.

Logo Design

We now offer logo design services. A solid company logo can become the cornerstone of your business’ identity.

Web Application Development

There will be times when your customers demand more from a web site then just static information. Whether you need to pull customer records on the fly, allow your clients to update their data, give online customized price quotes with the most up to date information, or carry out real time calculations you will need web applications developed and integrated into your web site.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO Marketing and positioning can be a very complicated process.  Search engines have been over saturated with all sorts of tricks and gimmicks to get sites ranked to the top and because of this search engines have implemented very strict rules to follow in order to get good search engine positioning.  To maximize your presence and site exposure,  there are three types of advertising/marketing approaches you will need to be prepared for. We can help you with:

Organic Search Engine positioning – This involves heavy optimization of content and keyword research, proper write up, mapping and more to make sure that search engines fully understand everything about your products and services.
AdWord Campaigns – This service involves setting up small ads that you will pay per click. Writing an appropriate ad that targets your audience, your audiences location, demographics and so forth is a bit of a balancing act. The good news is we know how to do it!
Social Media – More web time is spent on social media engines such as Facebook, Google+, Instagram and so forth. There is a way to communicate to that audience without making it feel like you are making a sales pitch, and we can help you with this.

So Why Do Companies Work With Us?

Simply put we don’t focus on selling you something and then just walking away, which is the traditional design agency model.  We focus on establishing a relationship that is very profitable for both of us, long term. As you grow and have a healthy stream of revenue, you will occasionally come back to us and involve us in your future marketing and promotional campaigns. Its a win-win model that unfortunately many web agencies don’t quite understand. Many media companies want to create a site, generate the project revenue upfront and move on.  This is where we differ. By giving you a successful presence at a very good price, you will grow and we will be your web partner, when you need us. An overwhelming majority of our original clients who started with us over 15+ years ago are still with us! Their market changes, their demographics morph, and we help them properly react to it.  Our clients do well and keep on using us.  This is why business owners chose to partner with us; long-term vision and planning.

So What’s Next? We Recommend You…

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