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WordPress is the fastest growing proprietary CMS platform. Its greatest appeal is that its simple to use for web developers and clients. Its clean and simple overall design continues to attract the brightest web developers worldwide.

wordpress help in Boston - WP web design and custom coding for Boston and CambridgeWith a decade plus of experience in WordPress Design and Custom WordPress development, we handle numerous sites that have been designed and developed on the WP platform. In addition to WP design, we can help and create the right custom plugins to make sure your site does exactly what you want it to do.  Feel free to check out our web design portfolio or click on any of these links to see just a few of our WP sites:  Jatco, Actuarial Careers Inc., ESGI, Synoptic Mgmt, and a ton more.

WordPress Maintenance and Help

It goes without saying that when a platform is popular, it will need to be monitored and updated.  Its important that your WP site continues to have a healthy performance, and more importantly, its not vulnerable to the wide volume of hackers and other malicious parties.  Depending on your WordPress sites usage, I offer different plans to make sure your site is monitored, audited and updated on a frequent basis so that you do not experience any down time.

Help With Abandoned WordPress Sites

Its sad for me to say this but there is a large amount of WordPress web sites that are started, then abandoned because the novice developer that was hired found a stable job or is simply bored of it.  I cannot tell you how many sites I’ve salvaged these sites from total doom.  My two programmers and I have a lot of success taking over abandoned WordPress sites and bringing them back to a great life.  Some clients come to us because they cannot get a hold of their previous web developer while others want someone who does this full-time, is on-time with the work, easy to get a hold of and can offer solid support.  We can help!  When you pick up the phone, you will talk to me Monday through Friday 9-5.

WordPress Web Design, Web Security, Hosting, Content Writing, Ongoing Support…

Once you become my client my programmers and I will take care of everything so that you can focus on running your business while we make sure that your online presence is strong, steady and growing.  If you have a very busy profession then all you will need to do is give us the content you want published, or your web sites new features you wish to see and we will take care of the rest within an agreed upon budget.

Visit our portfolio here or contact us and let us know how we can be of help.

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